Music for All   

  Membership Options    

Sound Beginnings sessions: £6 per week - New member offer: 2 free sessions or 1 half term at half price.

All other members: £7.50 per week (unlimited number of orchestras can be joined)

All fees are charged in advance on a half-term basis.

Weekly Timetable   

9.30-10.30 Training orchestra for children and adult beginners (from pre-grade 1 to grade 4)

10.45-11.45 Intermediate orchestra children and adults (grade 2 to grade 5)

10.30-11-45 Symphony orchestra (grade 5 and above)

12.00-13.00 Senior string orchestra (string players grade 5 and above)

12.00-13.00 Senior wind band (wind players and percussionists grade 5+)

9.45-11.00 Sound Beginnings (various sessions,  pre-instrumental classes)

The above is indicative only, and members are free to chose the sessions they would like to join, whichever they feel they are more comfortable with.

We also offer individual lessons. Please contact us for availability and timetables.


We hold two concerts a year (Summer and Christmas) where all the orchestras are involved.

We also hold smaller events throughout the year, including social gatherings for members and their families and friends.