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About CPC


CPC Music has been at the heart of the South Liverpool musical scene since 1988. Our ensembles (“Cressington Orchestras”)  welcome players of any orchestral instruments at any level.

If you want to learn an orchestral instrument and/or play in one of our friendly groups, contact us or come visit us on Saturday.

Cressington Orchestras


The “Cressington Orchestras” is where children and parents meet to play great music together, to experience the thrill of playing in a symphonic orchestra, to learn and to study, and to prepare for the end of term concerts. CPC is wholesome family fun at the heart of our local community.

The intermediate wind band and string orchestra provide a fun learning environment, where young musicians can experience the joy of playing together and making music with their friends from very early in their studies.

CPC is always looking for buddying musicians. Experienced players who want to have fun and become a role model for young musicians are always welcome to join us.

Sound Beginnings


Sound Beginnings is the most fun place for children taking their first steps into the world of music

Sound Beginning is designed for very young children, aged 4-7. In Sound Beginnings the children learn to keep a steady beat, to ready and copy rhythms, and much more in child  friendly and fun filled sessions, led by qualified and experienced staff.

We meet every Saturday (term time), starting at 9.45am to have bucket-loads of fun, playing fantastic music.

Get in touch for more info.

The Suzuki Method 


Conceived by Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki, the Suzuki method is based on the assumption that young children are able to learn and absorb music as quickly and as effectively as they do languages, provided that their environment is musically saturated, and that emphasis is placed on playing rather than testing; in line with the Suzuki philosophy, we encourage our young students to play by ear and in groups, rather than overemphasize the importance of notation, while complementing individual lessons with fun orchestra sessions.

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